Automotive Today

Right now, people are looking for cheaper and more reliable vehicles. There is more and more people who are concerned about the environment. They want cars that don't pollute as much, and don't need as much gas. These concerns become more and more popular, and finally, it appears to be a valuable market, since manufacturers have begun to invent, design, and then also produce hybrid and smart cars that do use less gas than conventional cars.

These new types of cars are built to include the strengths of electric engines and gasoline engines. Through this design, they make for a much more versatile and better performance. People often triple or double their gas mileage when using hybrid cars. Smart cars do even better than that, and might be a good option for people who don't travel much outside of a small town or only travel a small distance in cities.

Hybrid Cars

It seems now that everyone is becoming more environmentally-minded. In order to reduce the impact of pollution and lessen the dependence on huge amounts of oil, the hybrid car has become more and more popular. They work by using alternating regular combustion type engines and couple it with an electric engine that can also turn the transmission. In tandem, or by switching between the two, modern hybrid cars have become useful.

Types of Hybrids

In order to save the usage of gas powered engines, there have been a few different types of hybrid car engines that have been created. Some use both engine types in order to power the car, and others switch between them. This switch between the engines is what takes the best parts of both engines and puts them together. Gas isn't used as much but gives longevity to the car in the case of long trips at high speeds.

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